Sunday, 26 February 2012

Miss Sporty Nail Vanish

Hey everyone! 

I went to Boots the other day wanting to buy some cheap nail vanish, I came across Miss Sporty, and looked at there nail vanishes, I found some really cheap but really nice colours, there were really nice pastly colours which are in right now, so I brought 2, a nice purplish colour and a nice pinky, reddy colour! 

When I got home I didn't expect them to be so good! They were fantastic, they dried in seconds,and you only needed to put on 1 coat! I was really impressed and will be definitely be purchasing more of these! 

Lots of love 
Lauren xx


  1. I love colors that are pastel like! I have to say that I liked the purple one the best!

    1. Yeah same, there really in right now :) I do too! It's a lovely colour! xx

  2. Beautiful nailpolish! Especially the second one! I love the colour! Really looks awesome!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog