Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Bit About Me...

Hi everyone, 

My name is Lauren Hartwell Jones, I come from England and have a bita welsh inside me. I spent my whole life thinking negative which lead to negative things, so now I try to think positive! :) 

Family Life
My mum and dad got divorced when I was 6, it was hard to get through, I didn't even know anything until one night I had a nightmare, and went into my dad's room and he wasn't there, I went to mum and she cried dads gone to move closer to work. I was devastated when I found out. I couldn't stop thinking I'm losing my dad but actually the divorce brought me closer to him, I missed him so much that when I saw him every Sunday I'd make the most of the time I was with him. 

The one person I could always talk to in my family was my Nan, Mary, she was lovely, I used to joke around with her and tell her all my trouble and she would make me feel so much better, but she got ill one day and had to go stay in hospital which I thought she wouldn't be in there long,  only a week later my grandma was babysitting me and my mum came walking through the door crying, I asked what she was crying for and she sat me on her knee and said nanny died, I was so shocked because I visited her the day before and I thought she was okay, she gave me a wave before and kissed me.   I never thought I would be able to move on from my Nanny's death, but I got through it with a lot of help from family and friends. 

My mum and dad are kind of back together now, I live with my dad because I didn't get along with my mum when I lived with her, but I get a long so much better now we live apart. My dad stays round my mums every Saturday, and he comes home Sunday night really happy. I'm glad they are getting a long now, every one is much happier. 

School Life
I hated school. I missed behaved so much, I used to walk out, scream at the teachers, and throw tantrums everyday about silly things. I used to have meetings with Councillors about my behaviour, until it got where my head of year couldn't handle me any more, so I ended up in a place called the Green Room, which was so much better, they put me on a part  time table and helped me with my work, they weren't strict with me, so I could easily get along with the teachers. I loved it there and they helped me through my school years. 

Now... I'm at college full time studying hairdressing, I like the hairdressing but HATE the college, the college is so strict with silly little things, like uniform! Our uniform is all black so we look like were going to a funeral, it's so depressing!  The other day, I told my tutor how much I hated it, I was in tears I hated it that much, I just wanted it too end, I thought I was going to drop out, but my tutor said if I buck up my ideas I can finish in 3 weeks! I thought thank god! So I'm trying to finish it as quickly as possible!

What's your family and school life like?

Lots of love, 
Lauren xx


  1. this is so inspiartinal it's great that you are so open with your family life i might even do a post i write a blog but havent in a while beacuse i felt i had not followers ;) deffo will follow your blog love it check out mien please -

    1. Aww thank you so much! You should, I'll follow you! I'm sure your blog will be amazing! Of course :) xxx

  2. awh thankyouu hun and yeye gunnah start up again i think because i love beauty it's just when i look at swalkermakeup with like a 1000 followers then me with none it made me all down haha ! xxx

  3. Yeah I know what you mean haha :/ I don't like it either, but you'll do well :) xxx

  4. such a touching post. don't worry honey, it's a good thing you're trying to think positively now. i used to be like that and trust me, nothing good comes from it. You'll find life is better place if you think optimistically. So sad to hear about your nan. I know it's always rough when a loved one passes. My cousin recently passed from being shot 4 times in the chest :( it's sad, but that's life and always good to have friends and family support you through it. I just started blogging too so thought it'd be good if we followed eachother? Only if you'd like to of course.

    xx janak'trina

    1. Aww thank you :) that was lovely :). I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin, what an awful thing for people to do! Of course I'll follow you, you seem lovely :) and yes it's always good when you have some people to support you! Life is so hard at times but thank you so much xx

  5. Such an honest and heart felt post. So glad you're living more positively now, the world does open up to you when you open up to it! I used to be very negative and sad, bury myself in my school work actually and I just realized one day that I enjoy a lot more things than just my homework!
    Congrats on turning your life around, it can be really difficult to change your mindset - I know it took me some serious time!
    You sound like a wonderful person.
    Following your blog!

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Aww thank you so much :) Yeah it is better living positively! Yeah I know what you mean, more things to enjoy make a happier person :)

      Thank you very much, I shall follow back :) xx