Sunday, 26 February 2012

Boots Own 200 Nails

Hello Everyone, 

Whenever I make a trip to Boots I always have to buy Boots own 200 nails! There great and last ages! You can paint them whatever colour you want and they never chip (Well mine don't anyway, and I don't use a top coat!)  They come in a small handy box, with glue (which is good)! They also come in 10 different sizes, so when I run out of my size, I file the other nails down to match my size or do my other family members nails!

The nails are priced at £8.50

What colour do you normally paint your nails?

Lots of love, 
Lauren xx


  1. Bought these yesterday and love them :) Such good value for money, didn't like the glue though.. It wouldn't come out at all :/ Nevermind!
    Following you, you seem so lovely! :)
    Vicki xx

  2. Yeah same :) they look good don't they! Oh right yeah, the glue used to be good for me, but the last nails I brought the glue didn't come out either! Awww thank you! I shall follow you back :) xx