Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hello everyone, 

I'm so sorry I haven't made a post on here for a while! I've been quite down for the past 6 months and been really busy too!

I don't know whether I should share this on here, but hey!  I will..     My boyfriend (Now ex) broke up with me 6 months ago,  and as you all probably know I was with him for 4 years so that was pretty hard to get over, it took time, but now I'm just getting on with my life.   

I started college again in September, and hated it, I always said I'd do it to make my parents proud, but unfortunately it all got too much for me, the pressure, the thought of going in.. I just hated it and in the end it got to the point where I wasn't going in, lying to my parents by saying I was going in, thinking I wouldn't get caught (But did in the end!)! Then the following Monday I decided to go in and because of my anxiety it got worse and I eventually dropped out, which is by far the best thing I have done,  I'm loving life at the moment, got my dream job which is working at Boots, got my loving family and friends around me which is all I need to be happy. 

So just to let everyone know, I'm back! 

& again, I'm so sorry. 

Lauren xx

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